Watch Buying Guide: What’s Your Watch Personality Type?

It clicks. It’s stylish. It keeps you punctual. A watch is the must have fashion accessory that finishes a look. But with so many makes and styles of watches on the market, how do you know the best watch style for you? Should you wear a different style of watch depending on the occasion? What impression are your setting with the timepiece you wear? Basically a personality type can refer to the psychological classification of different types of humans. There are times that personality types are distinguished from personality traits with the latter encompassing a smaller grouping of individuals. Personality typing is a tool with many uses. It’s especially notable for it’s helpfulness in the areas of growth and self-development. Here, we are just going to have some fun! Learning and applying the theories of personality type can be a powerful and rewarding experience, if it is used as a tool for discovery, rather than as a method for putting people into boxes, or as an excuse for behavior. Let’s discover your “watch” personality type! Here is a fun quiz to determine your watch personality type. The Rugged Type You live life on the edge and demand a watch that is sporty, tough, and stands up to the elements. You want a gadget watch that keeps up with your active style. The Classic Type You are comfortable in your own skin. You are the type of guy who is straight and narrow – the one that people can depend on. You want a no nonsense, traditional style watch with impeccable craftsmanship. This is the kind of timeless styled watch you imagine passing along to your son. Select a watch that is elegant with clean lines. The Modern Type You enjoy your tech gadgets. In between updating your Facebook and Twitter, you catch the morning stock quotes on your laptop while sipping a latte at your favorite coffee shop. You are a power player whose taste in modern, yet classic design sets you apart. The Flashy Type You are a fun and trendy person who loves a contemporary flair. You crave wrist bling that turns heads and gets you noticed as soon as you step foot in a room. The Easy Going Type No muss or fuss for you. You enjoy casual and comfortable. You want a watch that is simple, easy, comfortable. You love an everyday timepiece with a leather strap that feels as cozy as a lazy Sunday morning reading the paper. Overall tips for choosing the right watch. In addition to selecting a watch that matches your style, you should take the following into consideration when selecting a wristwatch. How much did you want to spend on a watch? Do you need a dress watch or something for everyday wear? What features are most important to you? Do you want analog or digital? Do you like a watch style that has bling or a simple, clean design? Do you prefer a metal or leather band? Bottom line, today’s watches come in a wide variety of shapes, colors & styles. There’s no need to limit yourself to just one. Treat yourself to timepiece that truly suits your lifestyle and personality.

Watch Jewelry Boxes – A Christmas Gift for the Watch Collector

Do you know anyone who just loves watches? If so then consider buying him or her an attractive watch box to store them in. A beautiful watch box makes a perfect Christmas or holiday gift. The style of watch box you select depends on what kind of collection your gift recipient has. If their watch collection is full of over-sized luxury watches, then you might want to choose a watch case that locks so that the luxury items will be stored and well-protected. If your friend or loved one is a serious watch collector then it would be good to consider a wood or leather storage box with a viewing window that will allow them to display the collection. Large watch boxes holding 10-24 watches make great gifts for the passionate watch collector. For example, one popular model is crafted of solid hard wood with a clear window top for viewing and features 15 removable padded watch pillows plus a spacious jewelry drawer for other accessories. A lock and key makes this both a good box for display as well as for secure storage. Another popular model, made by RaGar is a luxurious maple wood box with 12 pillows for watches of all sizes. The maple wood is stained a magnificent brown and the style and quality of a box like this is designed to match the quality of the watches found in a serious watch collection. In addition to the large dresser top watch boxes you can also get a five-watch leather watch case that is perfect for travel. Mele makes a beautiful watch storage box designed for ladies with dedicated watch pads, a clear viewing lid and a crystal flower clasp. This is both a watch box and travel case all in one. Make sure that the watch box you are considering has enough watch pillows to accommodate the number of watches that will be stored there. The lining should be soft and smooth so that the prized watches are protected from scratches. Watch jewelry boxes offer more than watch storage. They offer individual watch compartments plus other compartments of varying sizes for accessories and other jewelry. A men’s accessories box for example fits rings, cufflinks, a wrist watch or a pocket watch. Watch collector boxes are generally crafted with equally sized dedicated watch compartments, each with a removable pillow to store the watch on. Most watch boxes are crafted with men’s watches in mind and allow for the storage of large face watches. These boxes will accommodate both men’s and women’s watches, however if you are buying a box for a woman you can get slim style that is designed specifically for women’s watches. You can also personalize a watch case to create an heirloom gift. Leather boxes can be monogrammed and engraved brass nameplates can be attached to most wood watch boxes. A watch storage box makes a perfect gift for a watch collector, and if you choose carefully you will find one that is a perfect compliment to the watches of your favorite watch enthusiast.

Good Watch Repair Lengthens The Life Of Your Watch!

Today in our disposable world, it is hard to imagine that there are actually people who repair watches. You see their shops primarily in larger shopping malls and they sell watches, clocks, batteries and sometimes jewelry. How do you know when you should have a watch repaired rather than replace it? There are a few simple things to consider. Starting with, what is wrong with the watch? Is it simply running too fast or too slow? That might just be a simple adjustment for a watch repair person-just a few tweaks, and your watch may be as good as new. However, if your watch is more complicated, it may require being sent back to the factory. A watch works in a very similar fashion as a clock. It can be powered by electricity or mechanically by winding them up once a day. Whether your watch is powered by electricity or mechanically, both types use the same system to turn the hands and to tell the time. A watch has many different moving parts inside including the: * Crown-which is used to change the time shown on the hands (also known as the stem). * Anchor-a tiny arm that attaches the escape wheel to the hairspring inside the balance wheel. * Escape wheel-has special teeth that are held and then released by the anchor—this makes all the wheels move and relaxes the coil in the barrel wheel very slightly each time. * Third wheel-center wheel and fourth wheel are connected by this wheel. * Fourth wheel-connects the escape wheel to the third wheel. * Barrel wheel-holds a coil that is tightened when the crown is wound. * Balance wheel-this wheel does not have teeth-it holds the hairspring. * Hairspring-is the part that keeps the time by rocking back and forth. It is kept moving by being pulled on the coil in the barrel wheel. * Center wheel-connects the clock mechanism to the hands. * Winder-connects the crown to the barrel wheel. * Finger wheels-gears that are moved by the center wheel—they slow that movement down so that the hour hand moves twelve times slower than the minute hand. It is any wonder you do not see watch repair shops everywhere! And, these are only the parts inside the watch that you can not see. You need to have experience in working in the watch repair area to be able to know which wheel does what and how to fix it. Whether or not you have your watch fixed depends upon your attachment to it. An antique hand-wound watch that belonged to your grandmother or a pocket watch that belonged to your grandfather are truly treasures worth keeping and having repaired. The inexpensive watch you purchased at a local retail store might cost more to repair than to replace. The bottom line is that whether or not you have a watch repaired should depend on what the watch means to you. Personally, my great grandmother’s watch is priceless to me and will be passed on for generations as a beautiful piece of antique jewelry/watch that will be worn for decades to come-it will also be taken to the watch repair shop.

Tissot Make Online Watch Shopping A 3d Experience

Online shopping is becoming an increasingly larger part of peoples day to day live, shopping around looking for the best price. Watches are an ideal online purchase, you can find the watch you like and then within seconds on the find hundreds of different retailers and shopping platforms through which to purchase this watch. The price of a watch has never before been so negotiable, with so many retailers vying for your online business. However there are draw backs to online shopping; a lot of the pleasures surrounding purchasing a big ticket item like a watch, are removed by online shopping. When you buy a watch in a high street shop you can feel and touch the watch, you can try the watch on and see if the size and shape suits your wrist and your style, and most of all you can receive important informat8ion from the sales person about the watch and the functions. Online shopping removes many of these sensations or it did until now. The Swiss watch manufacturer Tissot have launched their new and innovative 3d augmentation application. This is the first of its kind and it will bring a little more of the shopping experience into your home or office. The idea behind the application is to allow online customers to view what a Tissot watch will look like on their wrist without ever having to enter a shop to try the watch on. The application was launched in Basel this year to all of the great and good of the watch and jewellery world. The online application currently holds 28 watch models to choose from which although small is more than any other manufacturer at present. The application is only for the T-Touch series of watches, which are currently Tissot’s bestselling online watch range as well as being Tissot’s most technologically advanced watch range to date. Using the application couldn’t be simpler all that is needed is a working webcam and printer attached to the PC that will be used with the application The application is found on the Tissot watch website, it requires a few minutes to down load a program to your computer, the program will then guide the process step by step once you have downloaded the application. The first step is you to print a page which is provided with a paper representation of a watch on the page. Cut this paper watch out and then position the paper watch on your correct watch wearing wrist, you can use blue tack if you wish to secure the watch to your wrist, then using your webcam take a photo of your wrist with the paper watch. Once this has been completed you can then load the picture to your computer through the downloaded Tissot application and then you are ready to try on some Tissot T-Touch watches. An added function of the application is that you can try out the functionality of the watches as well so you will receive the full shopping experience from the comfort of your chair. Tissot watches should only be purchase from reputable or authorised UK distributers, who have been vetted and authenticated by Tissot.

Seiko Watch – The Most Dependable Watch In The Universe

Seiko watches are synonymous with Japan. The word Seiko means exquisite, success or miniature. The company was born in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori of K. Hattori & Co., Ltd.. The first Seiko watch was produced in 1913 and since then there was no looking back. If you are looking for a dependable quartz watch then a Seiko watch is definitely for you. The unique thing about early Japan watches was that they were based on lunar movements as apposed to the watches of the west, which were inspired by the movement of the sun. This tradition soon gave way to the western system and today the entire world follows the sun’s movements to record time. Seiko mass-produced quartz watches which were exported by Japan all over the world. Quartz watches are based on the theory that quartz crystals generate electricity when pressure is applied, thus precise quartz time came into being. But today Seiko watches have moved far ahead of being just quartz watches. Seiko developed the kinetic technology that is the worlds fist batter less watch that is as precise as quartz. The first pocket watch made by Seiko was called the Time Keeper. Seiko watches saw world wars and earthquakes but survived it all and today are seen all over the world on many wrists. The first women’s quartz watches, the first LCD watch with a six-digit display as well as the first quartz dress watch were all Seiko watches. Seiko also developed digital watches though they were not the first to launch them. These high performance though low cost digitals have in one time or the other adorned almost all wrists. These digitals are used as stop watches and sports chronographs and are valued for their high precision. It is easy to tell time in the digital Seiko watches even by children who have not learnt to read time. Seiko watches are mass-produced. Though not known for their uniqueness they are valued for their sleek styles as well as affordable ranges, needless to mention precise time telling abilities. Both genders find watches according to their taste and budget in the Seiko range of watches. But the relevance of Seiko watches in today’s time is far more than ever before. The creation of the battery less watch has done wonders for the environment. In today’s day when the need to protect and guard our environment is evident to us, Seiko watches which batter less seem to be the need of time. Watches like the Perpetual calendar, which is a Seiko watch, too are heaven sent since the date changes automatically in them and they have a battery life that lasts a decade. The Kinetic auto relay is another Seiko watch to marvel at. The watch goes to sleep when not in use and can be awakened even after four long years to tell the precise time. Digital, quartz or battery less whatever the range might be the ruler of these watches is definitely the Seiko watches.